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From the creators of the award winning 'Cat Wars Book IV: Rise of the Cats' and the critically acclaimed 'Zion Over Babylon' comes the next entry in the hit franchise that has had players clamoring for more with 'Cat Wars Book 3: Time Force'.

Take control of Cat Wars' Time Force as they travel through time and space to help reshape history to make the world a better place. Through use of our dynamic, revolutionary 'Cat-Shift' mechanic players switch between the 3 members of Time Force in real-time and take advantage of their unique abilities to help keep the past, present and future in a state of peace.

It's time for Cat Wars. It's time for Time Force!

'WASD' - Movement
'1','2','3' - Cat Shift

Each round is different! Randomization <3 !


CatWarsTFSetup.zip 27 MB